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Recruitment Procedure

Jas 1 Group’s Responsibilities:

           Briefed and Orientated in the Following Subjects:

  • Screening & provide the bio-data of workers (medically fit to work? Certified skill and etc)
  • And Trained workers after passing their tests in various trades with Skill Competency Certificate.
  • Mobilized workers to Labour receiving country
  • Send the workers for verifications and opening of individual Bank accounts.
  • Repatriation during worker resignation / not suitable or dismissed workers arrive at place of employment (fetch worker from Dormitory to airport, collect Existing work permit card (if any), see and ensure worker pass
    through the Immigration at Airport)
  • Counseling or meet with worker (who is problematic, sick or need attention)


  • The training and testing center will ensure that all migran workers intending to go to place of employment, Jas 1 Group will get the workers immediate family members to guarantee the workers discipline and not
    get involved in any crimes, create social problems or absconding from their employers and returning to their country of origin upon expiry of their work permits.

Pre Departure Orientation Training:

           Briefed and Orientated in the Following Subjects:

  • Conditions of the employment contract of service.
  • Contract of service is signed before reaching the place of employment.
  • Brief on the conditions of their work permits and contract of service in a language which they fully understand.
  • Penalties for working for employers other than the employer stated in their work permits and overstaying at their place of employment.
  • Correct procedures to resolve any clients or dispute over employment terms and conditions,(redress mechanism). contact numbers of the authority in place of employment or call Jas 1 Group, Hotline numbers.
  • Not allowed to tie any marital knot during their stay in country of Employment.
  • Not allowed to bring in their family members.
  • Repatriation costs, who will bear, if resignation is submitted by worker or terminated due to misconduct or involved in any criminal activities.
  • To observe country of employment loss, regulations and policies and directives in their conduct as a worker and temporary residents, in place of employment.
  • Brief on muslim culture or the culture of social practices at place of employment.